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Name:Astoria Magnolia
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Community description:A lowkey RP environment.
[This is currently a work in progress as a dressing room style game at the moment. If enough interest is garnered, I will consider turning this into a more traditional game. As it stands now, this is more of a jumping board for those who want a more relaxed game environment. Information for the game can be found on this profile and on a separate entry within the game community itself.

This is a fantasy based game with a variety of other genres and elements to be employed at the player's discretion. A choose your own adventure RP, if you will.

The Astoria Magnolia

The Astoria Magnolia is a hotel located in the depths of the woods in North East America. It's exact location remains unknown, as, like the magic keeping Hogwarts untraceable and protected, the hotel is hidden from most eyes. Only those chosen to spend time at the hotel are able to see it; to outsiders, it resembles an abandoned hunting cabin in the woods. Rumors abound about both the nature and the origin of the Astoria Magnolia; is it a level of Hell/The Underworld? How long, exactly, has the hotel existed, and are there really bodies hidden in the basement? You'll just have to find out for yourself if the rumors are true.

If you're fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on your point of view) enough to be chosen as a guest, you'll find yourself suddenly at the entrance to a beautiful, intricate building that seems to encompass an ethereal design of days both past and future all at once. The Astoria Magnolia, living up to its magnificent name, looms before you like a haunted manor out of a gothic novel. You might see a window or two blink at you; perhaps a ghost will be the one to escort you inside. Or maybe even a figure out of mythology/fiction you thought could never be real. (Mr. Rochester, we hear, has complete control over the attic.)

Once inside, you will be handed a key, as well as a suitcase designed to suit your personality and tastes in terms of design. Inside the suitcase, you will find items that will change to suit the type of room you enter. Intitally, upon first arrival to the hotel, the suitcase will be empty.

You'll find the workers at the Astoria Magnolia especially charming and helpful, even if they smile too long, or linger quite close. They are especially eager to lead you to your room. Some of these workers are angels, literally; others vampires, and werewolves. A handful of demons, here and there. You probably shouldn't trust any of them. You have the option of heading to a room by yourself, with fellow guests, or with an escort provided by the hotel. Be warned: these escorts don't always have the most pure of intentions.

Perhaps, before they lead you to your room, they'll lead you to either the dining room or the pool area for a chance to relax first. The dining room is Edwardian in style and design; the pool resembles a lotus flower. While the food is exquisite and the pool water simply divine, all those who choose to relax before they make their way to their rooms will find themselves effected, as if struck by a spell. Partaking of the hotel dining room food will alter a guest's memories; they will come to believe that they are from a time period different from their own, and will remain confused until they reach their assigned room. Those who dive into the pool will find themselves transformed into mermaids/sirens/selkies, until such time as the hotel sees fit to turn them back.

The rooms themselves are their own mazes. Once the guest enters the key into the slot and enters their room, the door slams shut behind them, and their key disappears. The guest will find themself suddenly no longer in a room, but instead an entirely new world. These vary from fictional locations, such as the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts, or Narnia itself, even, original concepts designed by the players involved, to generalized eras of time (ie: a room based on the 1920s in New York, a room based on the 90s, etc.) and more. The goal, once inside the rooms, is to retrieve the key. Guests will find that they run into other guests in the same worlds via different rooms. Only then can you obtain a decent night's rest. Of course, the management for The Astoria Magnolia cannot determine that monsters and other various obstacles don't already lurk in these rooms.

Of course, it all begins again the next day. New room key; new room. Or, perhaps, you'll get lucky, and find yourself in one of the presidential suites; a reprieve, of sorts. Or a chance to explore the hotel itself, question the workers, and explore new areas/wings of the hotel that weren't there before. Also, to discover that, once you've stepped inside the hotel entrance doors, they vanish entirely.

The Rules

1. Don't be a dick. This is meant to be a relaxing game.
2. As this is meant to be more casual than anything else right now, reqs/AC don't exist. You can play as much or as little as you'd like. However, if you are going to drop a pup, make a note of it in the Hotel Registry entry.
3. Please do sign up your character at the Hotel Registry entry before you begin to play so we can keep track of who is playing.
4. Fandom characters, original characters, and AU versions of fandom characters are all allowed here. Mutliple versions of the same pup are allowed, provided that each version of said character is distinctive from the other. (For example: if someone wants to bring the Eleventh doctor, and someone else wants to bring the Ninth, both versions are allowed.)
5. However, no real persons allowed, unless they are based on a ficitional interpretation of that person.
6. Considering the potential for mature content, players must be 18+ to join, and all pups participating in sexual/mature threads must be 18+ as well.
7. Mature content should be noted, whether in tags or in the title of a thread, as well as placed behind a cut.
8. Please try to be considerate of others when dealing with triggering content, and always try to label/warn for such when you can.
9. Creativity is encouraged! You choose the nature of the room your pups wander into, how long they stay there, how well they do, etc. You want a room based on Pokemon, where your pup has to catch a certain amount of Pokemon to find the key? Go for it! Again, this is, essentially, a Choose Your Own Adventure RP. Time passes at players' discretion.
10. Players can make up new wings/corridors of the hotel as they go, as well as NPCs.
11. After acceptance, any one can post an entry at any time. If all you want is to use this as voice testing, go for it!
12. Any questions or concerns can be sent to me via DM at [personal profile] waitingtobelit
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